#1 - Welcome to 'On Becoming a Christian Writer' Blog

Anointed for the task, qualified by God

P. Sterling Underwood

6/25/20223 min read

Welcome to the 'On Becoming a Christian Writer' blog: Anointed for the task, qualified by God: If God calls you, He sanctions you to deliver your God-sourced inspiration. In which case, scholarly credentials are notwithstanding. Your role is to be willing. Do not concern yourself with being credentialed to write for the Kingdom of God. If God calls you, He sanctions you to deliver your God-sourced inspiration. That's His role; your role is to be willing. If you require encouragement and insights to answer God's call to action, this is the blog for you. It will incentivize you to take your calling seriously. I offer beaucoup encouragement with regular releases to get you off the fence. Personal experience wrestling with reluctance, uncertainty, and challenges back up these encouragements. It might have taken years to arrive at this decision point, but God waited. But your life clock is ticking away. I believe God brought you here so that you attend to your inkling to write as a fully functional saint within the Body of Christ. Life experiences hone you to be ready, as preparation and opportunity are everything. You are a tested Christian soldier, equipped and ready to counsel the weak and weary because you are credible. This blog will equip you with a proper orientation for achieving your destiny as a scribe of God. I invite you to mine this blog for heaps of motivation, encouragement, and usefulness. Trust that our Lord always enables His servants to do what He purposes for them, even when you don't see it coming. This blog might be an instrument of His provisioning, for after all, something prompted me to start writing these blog posts. Diminish your ego, overcome hesitation, and let God's enlightenment shine forth. Do not be discouraged by the criticisms of others alien to your calling. Expose your writer's soul. Cast off doubt. Be motivated by this affirmation: I pray for things hoped for, declaring powerful heavenly forces surrounding me to enrich my existence. Here is another: God is faithful to provide abundance from expected and unexpected sources and resources. And, I rebuke negative thoughts, deny their validity, and forgive myself for having them. Select Bible encouragements will appear in subsequent blog posts. This is Blog Post #1 to welcome you, meant to acclimate your inner spirit to your calling, stick in memory, motivate, and magnify your call to action. Permit me to send further postings. You have two ways to receive them. Subscribe to my 'On Becoming a Christian Writer' blog and I will email them on a regular basis, or visit the blog page www.ChristianAuthor.us when you need a motivational uplift. The Christian writer is bound by a sacred trust to render meaningful and compelling scriptural understanding resonating with life experiences. It is honorable to impart Gospel knowledge, enlightenment, and wisdom. Don’t sit on the message God gives you.

That’s all for now. Nearer my God to thee.

                            “It doesn't matter if a million people tell you what you can't do, or if ten million tell you no. If you get one yes from God that's all you need.”

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Tyler Perry